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Constructing Your Strategic Marketing Plan


Sherry Treco-Jones, APR, Fellow PRSA
Treco-Jones Public Relations


Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Program Description

Nonprofits in today's economy need all the skill they can muster to achieve funding goals and enact their missions successfully. A strategic marketing plan is a roadmap your organization needs to take in order to achieve its marketing and communication goals. These goals are tied inextricably to the nonprofit's mission and business plan. A strong marketing plan positions and focuses the organization over time, keeping its expenses, activities and resources on track while increasing visibility and making the desired impact on its target audiences. In such a harsh and cluttered landscape, it is imperative that organizations have and use an effective plan.

This workshop will address the principles and benefits of marketing planning, and equip participants with the fundamentals required to build and/or improve a strategic marketing plan. Participants will learn how to start the process of planning internally and determining core marketplace positioning. They will learn the ABC's of constructing a strategic marketing plan - research, analysis, positioning and messaging, organizational strategies, tools, timing, budget, and measurement and evaluation methods. Participants will be exposed to multiple marketing tools, including public relations, events and social media, and given a better understanding of how they can develop a strong plan despite a weak budget.

Learning Objectives

Session Objectives:
- What is a plan and why do you need one?
- How do I start or update a plan for my organization?
- What is the recommended planning process?
- What tactics and tools can be most effective?


On Demand
Original program date: Sep 29, 2009

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