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Dissemination of Health(care) Baseline Measures for Rural Communities


Nicoleta Serban, PhD
Coca Cola Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology

Julie Swann, PhD
Harold R. and Mary Anne Nash Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology


Georgia Institute of Technology

Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Program Description

Why is data important to my program and how can it even be used? Data describing the current state of health and healthcare in your community will help address not only the need, but also the opportunity within your community. The link between where you live and its relationship with your health can be addressed using data, and then using that data to inform your approach to a community intervention. This webinar will describe a set of resources available to communities in their planning of approaches for improving population health. The data available on Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Two Georgias Initiative webpage will have a special focus on 1) disease prevalence, 2) access to healthcare, 3) costs and utilization of services in populations covered by state insurance, and 4) socio-economic characteristics of communities.

These measures will be presented in the context of potential interventions with evidence for a strong return-on-investment. The webinar will also introduce how to use these measures through an interactive web-portal for mapping and downloading relevant data about your community. Finally, the webinar will solicit feedback from communities on how the data can inform their planning of interventions.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:
- Recognize the broad spectrum of health and healthcare measures that can be used to inform policy and interventions at the community level
- Describe how healthcare access is defined and measured
- Compare community health measures to socio-economics
- Identify additional intervention resources to improve population health in communities
- Plan interventions with knowledge of data resources available to support efforts


On Demand
Original program date: Jan 23, 2017

Technology Requirements

Participants registering for programs should have access to the following technology for best viewing and participation:

  • Personal computer with Macintosh or Windows with 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband internet connection such as an office LAN, DSL, or cable modem
  • Phone next to personal computer (or speaker phone if multiple people are viewing)
  • Computer speakers (built-in or attached)
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash which can be downloaded for free at Adobe's web site

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